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The Ride™ redefines bicycle technology. The resulting blend of performance, comfort, and style makes it
unlike any other bike you’ve ever ridden. Smooth, precise, and easy to enjoy.

Nothing fits like The Ride.

The Ride fits you better than a glove because it is
infinitely more adjustable. Dual adjusting handlebars and our Expanding Universe Geometry™ combine to provide a perfect biokinetic fit between you and the bike. You can fine tune the relationship between the seat post and the handlebars to accommodate any
size rider and any riding style.

No gears to fear.

With the NuVinci™ CVP, you’ll never miss a gear
because there are no gears to miss. Instead, a set of spheres rotate around a central point to transfer torque from the pedals to the road. Tilting the spheres changes their contact diameters, permitting an infinite progression of speed ratios within its range.
The result is that you’re always pedaling at just the right speed. You can adjust the ratios continuously as the terrain changes. In motion or standing still. It’s as easy as adjusting the volume on a radio. So forget complicated, noisy internal hubs, hard-to-maintain
derailleur systems, dropped chains, missed gears, and jolts to your knees and lower back. Just enjoy The Ride.

Better performance is on a roll.

The Ride utilizes Ellsworth’s proprietary lightweight, low profile wide rim, and high performance low
profile tires. The exceptionally low rolling resistance and wide contact patch, boosts performance, traction and stability while its low profile enhances style, and reduces weight. All Ride wheels use dual sealed full compliment high performance cartridge bearings in the hubs, a feature normally seen only on Ellsworth’s legendary bikes costing as much as $10,000. This amazing wheel set gives you the power to smoothly roll along with little or no maintenance, or resistance.

Handles like a dream. But it’s not.

Nimble, precise handling is redefined by this performance lifestyle bike. Ellsworth challenges you to “Ride & Know.” The unique frame geometry reacts instantly to your inputs with superb high-speed stability. The stylish design isn’t just eye candy. Every feature contributes to providing the rider with better balance, traction, performance, and comfort. You have to experience the ride of this bike to understand.

How to Order

Ordering The Ride is easy. Just complete and send the order form. An Ellsworth representative will call you to arrange delivery.
Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Frame

Aluminum Front Forks and Components